Belts, rings & Gaskets

Belts, rings & Gaskets

Belts, rings & Gaskets

Offering a diverse range of belts tailored for the oil and gas industry demonstrates our company's commitment to providing essential components for this sector. Belts play a big role in various applications, from driving machinery to facilitating power transmission. Here's a brief overview of the types of belts we provide:

- Wrapped V-Belts:
These belts are commonly used for power transmission in a wide range of industrial applications.

- Wedged Wrapped V-Belts:
Wedged V-belts are designed for high-performance and efficiency in power transmission.

- Classical Raw Edge Coffee V-Belts:
These V-belts offer durability and reliable power transmission.

- Double V-Belts:
Double V-belts are used when additional power transmission capacity is required.

- Banded Edge V-Belts:
Banded edge V-belts provide extra strength and stability, suitable for heavy-duty applications.

- Agricultural V-Belts:
These belts are designed for the unique demands of agricultural machinery.

- Timing Belts:
Timing belts are crucial for precise synchronization in various machinery and automotive applications.

- Industrial H and T-Teeth Timing Belts:
These timing belts offer specialized solutions for industrial equipment.

- Raw Edge Plain Belts:
Raw edge belts are versatile and used in a variety of industrial settings.

- Automotive Poly V-Belts:
Poly V-belts are commonly found in automotive applications, driving accessories like the alternator, power steering pump, and water pump.

By supplying this comprehensive range of belts, your company supports the oil and gas industry by providing the necessary components for reliable and efficient machinery operation.
Also, we provide a wide and various range of O and C rings and gaskets in oil and gas filed.

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